There are a lot of ways to steal unfortunately, but this is a new one. A violent trend that has already happened in Missouri involves thieves breaking into stores to steal by ramming vehicles through the front windows and there's video to prove it.

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This topic ended up on my radar when a YouTube channel shared a video about the "Ram Rating Theft Spree" which started near St. Louis, Missouri.

Here's the original video shared by Osage County Guns in Missouri on YouTube. The alleged thieves gathered outside the gun store then entered after one of their accomplices shattered the store front with their vehicle.

The plot of these alleged criminals goes like this. Steal a car so the license plate can't be traced back to the perpetrators. Ram the storefront, run in and steal all the merchandise you can and flee on foot so no vehicle can be tracked back to you. It would be wrong to call an act of thievery like this genius, but I'll admit it is clever in as much as it makes law enforcement's job even harder to find the stolen merchandise and the people responsible.

It does appear this is a trend and not a one-off robbery. There's another gun store in Phoenix that experienced this just a few months ago.

The list of ram the storefront and run episodes doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon. Time will tell if thieves continue to use vehicles as weapons in their efforts to rob businesses of the hard-earned merchandise.

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