Normally when you have something more than double, it can be a good thing. Not in this case though as Missouri is reporting a skyrocketing rate of syphilis in the state.

This very recent report from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services was released in late February of 2024 showing a disturbing rise of cases of what is referred to as early syphilis.

Here are the exact numbers shared by Missouri health officials as they say "number of early syphilis cases reported in Missouri increased by 230% from 2016 to 2022".

Missouri Department of Health
Missouri Department of Health

The bulletin from the Missouri Department of Health shows that the large jump in cases of syphilis in the state are not just a problem of the metro areas like St. Louis and Kansas City, but also in rural counties in the state.

The alert seems to be directed at health care providers to alert them that increased care needs may be needed as a result of this big percentage increase in cases.

The CDC notes that cases have been spreading among those involved with drug abuse and a long-term relationship with someone who does not have the disease is the only way to completely prevent the spread.

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