I predict you're already laughing at least a little bit. Am I wrong? Hey, I'm not judging. I don't blame you. The thought of a Missouri man claiming that he not only saw a Bigfoot, but the fact that he believes the creature gifted him a deer without a head is probably laugh-inducing. He seriously believes this happened and I happen to believe he is telling the truth.

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There's a lot to unpack here, so let's start with the fact that this Missouri guy says he's had many encounters with strange creatures in the woods especially off off Highway 47 near the Missouri River. That's located south of Union, Missouri and is heavily wooded along many parts of the route.

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He just shared his encounters with the Missouri YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory and the deer gift encounter is told right around the 21 minute mark.

Here's a snippet of what he described:

"I'm not a big deer hunter...I don't know what to tell you about this...a couple years ago I found a deer laying there...full carcass...it was a skeleton...completely decomposed...with NO HEAD."

"The next year I found the head of a buck...in the same place, but no body...people around here don't kill deer...nobody would leave this...this is a trophy."

The host of the channel said "It could be a gift from the sasquatch possibly...they do things like that".

It sounds crazy to imagine scenarios like this, but I believe that he believes he's telling the truth. Is the deer he found decapitated a gift from one of these mystery creatures? Obviously no one can say that for sure. But, it's just another mystery in the Missouri woods where weirder things have happened.

Missouri bigfoot gifting deer? The truth is out there.

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