There's an urgent warning from the state of Missouri health officials about Botox injections gone wrong in Illinois involving counterfeit and mishandled procedures.

The Missouri Department of Health issued an unusual health advisory that appears to originate from the Centers for Disease Control. The bulletin says "state and local partners are investigating clusters of 22 people in 11 U.S. states reporting adverse effects after receiving injections with counterfeit botulinum toxin or injections". Among the states were these Botox procedures went wrong was Illinois. 

Of the 22 cases, the statement from the state of Missouri says 11 have been hospitalized, but fortunately none have died.

The Mayo Clinic says that Botox injections are sometimes used by individuals who are trying to eliminate wrinkles, but have also been connected with solutions to other problems including muscle and even bladder issues.

The Missouri Department of Health warning says that all individuals from these Botox procedures gone wrong were female and 91% received the injections for cosmetic reasons. The problems are blamed on those who performed these injections without the proper training and a valid license. The symptoms that indicated problems were involved became apparent within 3 days for most of those who were eventually hospitalized.

You can see the full Missouri Department of Health bulletin for more details and potential updates as this is a developing story.

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