Being the skeptical person that I am, my first response to this report was that people were trying to get another day off of work. But, there appears to be some type of real 'sickness' that many in Missouri are now complaining about after witnessing the historic sky event.

Just so you know that I'm basing this on anecdotal stories shared by just friends on my personal Facebook page, check out a story by The Mirror. There are many who either live in or traveled to Missouri to witness totality for the solar eclipse today that are now saying they feel "weird".

Keep in mind that the eclipse event has only been complete for a matter of minutes as of this writing, yet already comments are appearing of strange illnesses by those that witnessed it.

Here are the phrases I'm seeing from many in Missouri shortly after the eclipse ended:

  • "I'm feeling unusually wiped out, but it's not physical tired."
  • "Anyone else have a feeling of nausea right after the eclipse ended?"
  • "We planned a big meal after the eclipse, but I have no appetite at all."
  • "Why do I have this feeling of doom?"

I had one member of my audience that came up with a great theory. She said that this "sickness" could be simply coming down from an adrenaline rush. The excitement and build up to a total solar eclipse can involve a "crash" once the adrenaline relents. There's some real science in that concept and makes sense considering what many experienced today.

I'm certainly no expert (Editor's Note: of anything), but I think I know what's likely going on here. There was so much anticipation for this solar eclipse and Missouri ended up having some of the clearest skies for the event which resulted in several hundred thousand additional visitors over and above what the state was anticipating. I would also wonder if the stress of dealing with traffic before and after the eclipse could be contributing to this.

Surely it's not the simplest explanation that many just want an additional day away from work, right? Right? Hey, I'm not judging.

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