As the son of a former postal worker, it pains me to pass along this news, but a proposed change in Illinois by the United States Postal Service will almost certainly slow down mail in a big, big way.

I saw the news of a feared word among postal workers which is "consolidation". The State Journal Register just shared a story about how the United States Postal Service involving 58 Illinois processing centers that will convert into local mail centers only.

Get this. The biggest change which should cause you concern is that mail which is currently sent to Springfield, Illinois will be sent to St. Louis, Missouri instead. To say that's causing alarm among many in the Land of Lincoln who still depend on timely US Postal Service mail is an understatement.

It's rare that I can say this, but I agree with a letter sent by two members of Congress from Illinois who just sent a letter to the US Postal Service demanding answers about how and why this is a good idea (or not).

Full disclosure: my dad worked at the Hannibal, Missouri post office for more than 30 years. He began as a rural carrier and eventually made his way up to window clerk (also known as the guy you complain to when the price of stamps go up). My family's livelihood depending on the US Postal Service and I still have friends that work there. I'm not anti-Postal Service by any means. But, are times so hard in the postal service that cutbacks like the ones proposed in Illinois are unavoidable? Maybe that is the case.

It appears this is bigger than just an Illinois problem. Delays and restructuring are being talked about in the postal service nationwide. Perhaps it's just an unavoidable sign of the times. All I can say is prepare for slower mail that will likely be a reality sooner rather than later.

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