There is one Missouri place that is really a dichotomy. It doesn't seem like one lake could be the best place to swim while also being one of the most dangerous in America, but that is the case for one iconic Missouri location.

I've always been a good news first person, so let's start with the positive. If you want to swim and have fun in Missouri, there really is no better place than this lake. It's located where it's an easy day trip no matter what part of Missouri you live in.

Please forgive me if I'm stating what is obvious to you that the best swimming lake in Missouri is Lake of the Ozarks. A-Z Animals has it at the top of their best swimming lakes list and they're not wrong. It's mighty pretty there, too.

Now for the bad news...

If you look at just about any "most dangerous lakes in America" list, you'll almost always see Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks at the top or near the top of the list. The ironic part of this good news/bad news Lake of the Ozarks story is that the area's popularity is part of the problem.

Pond Informer says that boating accidents which are often caused by alcohol consumption makes up the majority of the fatal incidents that happen at Lake of the Ozarks far too frequently. What they describe as "an intense drinking culture" has also been blamed on the many drownings at the lake, too.

Such a special place in Missouri that is also especially dangerous. The strange truth about Missouri's much-beloved Lake of the Ozarks.

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