Where is the best cheeseburger in Illinois? That is debatable. However, there are online experts that the best you're gonna get in the Land of Lincoln has an egg on it. I'll attempt to explain why.

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This isn't my opinion, by the way. I'm relying on the online reviews left by everyday people like you (and me) on Yelp. Using their unique ranking system which I still don't understand, they came up with the "best" (supposedly) cheeseburger in each state. For Illinois, it's this one courtesy of Au Cheval in Chicago.

While I'm always suspicious when the internet thinks it knows what best for me, I will confess I'm hearing the cheeseburger at Au Cheval named by a lot of different sources as a special experience. The lines outside of their doors mean something good must be happening inside in cheeseburger land. Either that or they possess a mind-control device. Either option means they deserve an award in my opinion.

I mean seriously if you do a search for "best cheeseburger in Illinois" on YouTube, you'll see this burger come up almost constantly. Hey, this one has bacon.

$20 is a bit steep for my cheeseburger budget, but if I ever win Powerball, I'll order a crate full of these things. You can check out the Yelp "best cheeseburger in each state" thing for yourself and see if you agree with these very important (burger) conclusions.

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