A Wisconsin police department recently shared a photo of a police officer doing speeding patrols from a very unexpected place, and it has the locals talking.

Located just outside of Milwaukee, the Jackson Police Department shared a photo of a police officer on their Facebook page recently showing an officer from their department conducting speeding patrols parked along the side of the road - only it wasn't in their squad car.

The officer, seen below, was seated in a lawn chair along the side of a city street in Jackson. In the post, the department said "No one ever looks for the cop sitting by the side of the road, they only look for the squad."

They went on to note "By the time drivers see the cop sitting by the side of the road, they already caught you speeding." before highlighting in an edit to the post that officers made 14 stops and issued warnings (not tickets), explaining their main goal with traffic enforcement is "compliance with traffic laws, not revenue".

They concluded by saying "Whether or not a citation is issued depends on the severity of the violation as well as driving history."

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Some people commenting on the photo had some questions about what they suggested they felt was a questionable practice.

Jackson Police Department on Facebook
Jackson Police Department on Facebook

A few people commented that they felt there had to be some sort of law against patrolling for speeding while not in a vehicle. One person joked "But I'm pretty sure there's a State Statute that reads, "If an Officer monitors speed while not using a squad car, then it's only fair that that Officer be required to chase down violators on foot." I can't exactly find that statute at the mo, but... "

In response, the department commented, "He wore his go fast shoes just in case."

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Others cried foul that they felt it had to be illegal to conduct patrols from private property. The department admitted they would need a special reason to be on private property, noting that they were conducting the patrol from the public right-of-way right alongside the road, retorting that while what they were doing wasn't illegal, "speeding is illegal".

While some had questions, others called the move clever or celebrated the efforts to crack down on speeding, asking them to recreate it elsewhere.

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