My mouth is watering just typing this out! A popular food website recently named the best place to get french fries in every single state. I am about to go on a little road trip to get the best ones in Wisconsin.

Get Ready To Road Trip!

Love Food shared a 'best spot to get fries' list for all fifty states and I haven't heard of the place they listed in Wisconsin. It is located in Milwaukee, so we do have to drive a bit to taste test them.

The lucky restaurant is called the Centraal Grand Café & Tappery. One look at this menu and it's easy to see how they came out on top here!

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The Best Fries In Wisconsin

Centraal Café is not your ordinary restaurant. They focus on flavors you'd find in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. According to their website, they have a menu filled with traditional street foods you'd find there to global favorites and also classics that you'd find at any other café.

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With this in mind, it's no wonder their french fries stand out. Here's why Love Food ranked this place as the best restaurant to get the tasty treat in Wisconsin:

[...] If you crave a more refined and traditional French fry, look no further than the Centraal Cafe in Milwaukee.


Simply made with thin strips of potato fried until crispy and dashed with salt, these fries are particularly popular served in a cone as a snack or appetizer, with a choice of two delicious sauces.

Yes please. These sound incredible! I love french fries with bacon and gravy on them but there is something to be said about a simple french fry that is cooked to perfection and salty.

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Centraal Cafe has a long list of dipping sauces to go with these fries, or friets as they call them, including a basil aioli, garlic aioli and ginger bbq sauce. The sauce component is very important when eating a fry after all.

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