This is scary! An ingredient used in items sold in Minnesota and Wisconsin has been linked to serious health problems, according to a new statement issued by Consumer Reports and the FDA. I had heard of this ingredient but never thought anything of it until now.

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The ingredient is brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, and if it sounds familiar, that is because it is found in some popular soft drinks. It is used in citrus flavored drinks to keep the particular flavor from rising to the top of the drink. Over the years, many companies have replaced it.

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However, some companies still use BVO in these drinks and now the FDA is working to get the ingredient banned for good across all brands. The ingredient is already banned in other parts of the world.

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While the exact impacts on humans isn't known, past studies have shown possible health issues related to the thyroid and the heart. Last Thursday (November 2nd), the FDA proposed that the ingredient be banned for good.

Consumer Reports praised the proposed ban, giving more insight into BVO and what it does to the body, writing;

The evidence is clear that brominated vegetable oil in sodas and other beverages poses an unacceptable risk to our health. Toxic additives like BVO that have been shown to pose toxic risks to the thyroid and other chronic health problems should not be allowed in our food.

Consumer Reports also says that this ingredient is found in about seventy different beverages, including soda. Curious if something you are about to drink has the ingredient? Most of them are citrus flavored or bright in color.

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If this ban concerns you, be sure to check ingredients on whatever you are drinking. If you aren't able to do so, try to follow the basic rule of thumb I just mentioned: avoid any soda products that are supposed to taste like citrus or are bright in color.

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