Forget that cranberry goop from a can, this cranberry sauce recipe is way too easy to skip.

Sometimes you just need to call mom for a recipe.

Each week I go somewhere around Rockford to learn a new skill, but this week, well, physically I was in Rockford, but my 'please teach me' subject was about an hour away.

My mom's cranberry sauce is unbeatable.

Not only is in foolproof, it tastes good and it is so pretty.

A lot of holiday dishes are brown or beige or even white, so having these cranberries on your table makes a huge visual difference.

All you need is cranberries, sugar, one orange and brandy (or orange juice) and the entire thing takes twenty minutes... with fifteen of those minutes being microwave time.

Try it out this season!

Huge thanks to my mom... and to Tony our Digital Managing Editor who agreed to record me video chatting with my mom... for teaching me how to make cranberries.

If you want to teach me how to do something, just let me know on Facebook, on Twitter or on YouTube.

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