An Illinois woman was trying to sue McDonald's, saying that the label of Extra Value Meal was deceptive to customers.

However a Chicago judge said "no it isn't."

NBC Chicago shares that Kelly Killeen purchased a Sausage Burrito Extra Value Meal for $5.08 and then realized if she had ordered each item separately it would have only been $4.97.

Her suit against McDonald's is over, what she says, the company duping customers into thinking they're getting a better deal with their 'Extra Value Meal', than when you would buy each item individually.

OK, let's get this straight. She wanted to sue McDonlad's over a measly $0.11.

"A federal judge in Chicago, Judge Elaine Bucklo, has tossed a class-action lawsuit", stating that "prices for combo meals and individual items are easily visible from the counter. She said just because some consumers don't want to bother to compare prices doesn't mean they can claim they've been fooled."

Umm, yeah it's all about convenience in ordering.

Wow! I still am trying to wrap my head around the fact she's suing over 11 cents.



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