In the suburban neighborhood of Evanston, Ill, an escaped pet snake made it's way all the way to another family's washing machine.

And he smelled like fabric softener!

That's totally creepy!

And that is exactly what Sanela Kamencic told reporters when telling them about her surprise visitor.

The reptile was brought to the Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital by Police Officer Pedro Carrasco and  Animal Control Warden Jason Pound.

When he was found the snake was "peeking its head out of the washing machine".

And after surviving a wash cycle, the poor escaped pet "smelled like Downy".

Veterinarian Melissa Giese has said the snake is in "pretty good shape" but is feeling "really feisty".

The snake, which is a corn snake named Penelope, belongs to a 12-year-old boy who lives nears Kamencic. The two have since been reunited.

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