This story stinks, it really leaves a bad smell, who "nose" what really went down...OK, I'll stop. HuffPost


There's no doubt that family can be a pain in the ass. There are those that know everything, know what's ALWAYS best for you, or know just a little too much and push your buttons. So what do YOU do in those types of situations? Nod your head, roll your eyes, walk away?? Or, do you bite your cousin's nose off? That's exactly went down with 39-year-old Damika Robinson when things got testy with her cousin at a house party.


No one really knows/nose what went down...why the two were exchanging verbal  Damika Robinson's cousin was hosting the party, and the two were obviously NOT getting along.

Young guy picks his nose and holds cell phone isolated

The official charge was "aggravated battery that caused bodily harm."

The two were at wits end and the fight started, with Damika biting the face of the cousin several times. Yes, not a knock down, drag out punch was a dental derby with bites and chomps used as the weapon of choice.

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After the cousin had received several bite marks, here came the big one. Damika BIT HER NOSE OFF. Yep, she left her cousin without a sniffer. What in the "Mike Tyson" is going on here? I mean, Tyson but a dude's ear off in a fit of rage...But bite your cousin's nose off?

Damika was held on $225,000 bond after the police and EMT's arrived to see what in the world went down. Keep it in the family!!!

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