I just found a perfect description of winter in the Midwest, especially in Illinois. In fact, while debating the angle for this article I realized asking if this is an exact explanation of Illinois winters is like asking if a cheeseburger perfectly describes American cuisine.

Of course, it does! And just like a cheeseburger, winter in the Midwest is a messy, complicated, and often unpredictable experience.


Reddit user u/Crowned_Clown010 used two different quotes and I'm going to break them down individually to explain how spot-on these descriptions are.


Dang, it's 63 in the house. Better turn on the heat.

Now, to someone from a warmer climate, this might sound downright crazy. But to a Midwesterner, this is just parred for the course. You see, in the Midwest, winter is a constant battle between the elements and our heating systems.

One minute, you're bundled up in layers and cranking the thermostat, the next minute you're in a t-shirt and cracking open the windows.

Man With Warm Clothing Feeling The Cold Inside House
Credit: LSOphoto

Dang, it's 40 and sunny outside. Better crack open some windows.

This is a perfect example of the Midwest's trademark ability to turn on a dime. One day, you're buried under six feet of snow, the next day you're mowing the lawn.

It's like the weather gods are constantly playing a game of "hot potato" with us, and we never know when we're going to be left holding the bag.


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Both statements encapsulate the weird, wonderful, and often confusing experience of living in a place where the only thing you can count on is that you can't count on anything. But hey, that's just part of the fun, right?

But despite all the ups and downs, there's something uniquely charming about winter in the Midwest. Maybe it's the way we all come together to commiserate over the cold or the fact that we're all secretly proud of our ability to handle it. Whatever it is, it's hard to imagine winter anywhere else.

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