With winter weather on it's way, we will all be slipping and sliding all over town...BE CAREFUL! I realized heading to work one day last winter, oh man...My back tires are worse than I thought. Fixed that quickly. You NEVER KNOW when or if plows will hit those side streets, making driving even more dangerous.

This video is a serious "do not try, ever." Luckily there were no serious injuries, just a bruised ego I'm guessing. The play by play is pretty damn good in this video, to be honest. Super calm, relaxed, even after the crash there was only a small chuckle...oh, wow. Great work, guys!

When this video starts, there's that whole pain in the pit of your stomach feel. You just KNOW something bad is going to happen. William Whitaker was handed a citation for failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident. William loses control of his vehicle as he punches the gas when the light turns green.

In the video you can hear William firing up the engine, letting everyone know he's ready to show "how cool he is..." How did that turn out?  Thankfully the car behind him recognized that something incredibly stupid was about to happen and started recording on their phone. After losing control, William sandwiches himself between a could cars in a completely different lane and the recording car just kept on rolling by.

Imagine being one of those other cars and seeing this bright yellow Lambo flying right at you! No one was injured, but the Lambo did need to be towed away from the scene...Poor William. Drive safe this winter, and don't be a "Lambo Willy."

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