If you feel the 4th of July party you're getting ready to attend might be a bit lacking in the "Fun Drinks Department," we got something for you.


Have you considered bringing along a wine slushy? Better yet, have you considered bringing one (or four) 4th of July themed wine slushies?

Here's the best part, you can grab these red, white, and blue slushies to go.


DC Estate Winery is serving up these little pieces of heaven, and how they got there sounds incredible. Here's how these red, white and blue darlings all come together.

DC Estate Winery on Facebook:

Come out all this week through Saturday to enjoy our Tropical Cherry, White Sangria, and Blue Raspberry Lemonade slushy.

My mouth is kind of watering just thinking about drinking one right now.

That post from DC Estate Winery has been shared nearly 250 times and has over 600 comments so you know they're onto something with this 4th of July special.

Most of the comments range from "delicious" to "yummy" but one asked the all-important question, "how much?"

A four-pack of these delectable treats will run you $28.

DC Estate Winery is located at 8877 Stateline Road in Beloit, Illinois.

They are closed on the 4th of July so if you're planning to grab a few of these for a holiday get-together, be sure to scoop them up either today or tomorrow.

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