If the lack of an Illinois budget crisis or lack there of wasn't hard enough on the state funded child care centers and food pantries, state parks, etc... now we have one more thing to look out for.

The state is will stop mailing out our reminders for vehicle registration for our license plate stickers.

In this news report from KHQA, "the Illinois Secretary of State's office announced (on Tuesday) that it will suspend mailing out vehicle registration renewal reminder notices to the public."

"Jesse White, the Illinois Secretary of State, noted that by suspending this service it will save approximately $450,000 per month."

"Without a state budget in place, we are doing what we can to manage so that we may serve the people of Illinois for as long as possible. As a result, difficult decisions like suspending renewal reminder notice mailings are decisions we are being forced to make."

In the meantime, we the vehicle owners are encouraged to be mindful of our license plate sticker status and renew them when needed to avoid being fined or ticketed for driving with expired stickers.

If you haven't signed up on line to receive the electronic reminder, then you will have to go and stand in line at the nearest Secretary of States office to renew your sticker.

If you have signed up to receive electronic reminder notices you will continue to receive them by email.

For more details or to sign up visit www.cyberdriveillinois.com

Oh boy. Yeah this isn't gonna be pretty for me.I'm forever waiting till the last minute to pay bills. Please Illinois get your act together before March. That's when my sticker is due. But in all honesty, just get it together and fix this issue. So many things are hurting and slipping through the cracks the longer heels are drug on not coming up with a decent budget.