Sometimes you just have to kill a fly on LIVE TV. It happens, what can I say.

There are a lot of things I've done in the last few years as a TV personality here in Rockford.

I've climbed the side of the Byron Nuclear Power Plant.

I've eaten seven thousand different pieces of food.

I've probably had seven thousand drinks, too... but up until today I never swatted a fly on my co-worker.

For about a year I was part of the Eyewitness News in the Morning team, waking up before the sun and bringing you some entertainment news, but now that Good Day Stateline is on every night, I sleep a little later and only pop in when I'm needed.

No, I wasn't needed to kill a fly this morning, but when I started talking to Elliot Grandia about World Pancreatic Cancer Day, a fly happened to interrupt.

To tell you the truth, I think this is because there is a part of my office where flies like to buzz and I don't do a lot of successful swatting.

So when I saw the fly on Elliot and it looked like I could just get it in one swoop...

I got it in one swoop.

I guess I'll have to add professional fly swatter to my resume of something.

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