If offenders thought $75 for a first offense was a lot, they better get ready to pay hundreds more. Maybe even get jail time.

Illinois lawmakers want stricter penalties for drivers caught texting behind the wheel. As of this article, the current fine is $75 for a first offense. Multiple offenses could affect the driver's record and possibly result in license suspension. But the possible new penalty, according to WICS in Springfield, the new penalty could result in a $1,000 fine. In addition, offenders could be sentenced to prison for a year.

The $1,000 fine might seem steep to some. Lawmakers against the idea reference low-income families and how the penalty could affect their income and, overall, their livelihood. Another opposition comes from someone whose relative was killed in an accident related to texting and driving, according to WICS.

The fine would be good but whenever you take away someone's license that can also effect [sic] their ability to work and do things they need to do, especially if they are a mom, a single mom.

The bill has yet to be voted on by the House. Should it pass it would move on to the Senate and then the Governor's desk.


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