I understand the logic behind the kid's reasoning but I in no way support his decision. See the first time I ever got a ticket it was for the same thing. I had gone to a friend's graduation party after work. My parents had a midnight curfew on the car. Like any high school kid, time management wasn't my strong suit. Also leaving a party early on a Saturday when all your friends are there is difficult, but I wanted to prove I could be trusted. Problem is, I lost track of time. Not by much but it was past 11:50 and I knew I had at least a 15 minute car ride home. As I rushed down back roads, going faster than the posted speed limit, but in my defense not recklessly. For the most part going 35 in a 25. Then I came up to a four way stop, there were no other cars, I slowed down but I'll admit not a complete stop. What I didn't see was the cop hiding around the corner waiting for someone as stupid as me. He pulled me over and gave me a ticket. I went from being 10 minutes late to almost an hour late with a ticket. Needless to say, driving privileges were taken away for a little while. I learned a few valuable lessons that night.

1. My parents wouldn't have cared if I was a few minutes late had I been safe and responsible.

2. The cops don't care about your excuses when driving like an idiot.

3. That cop asked me if my parents would've been more mad if I was late or had I caused an accident.

Hopefully the teenager who got pulled over for going 111 m.p.h. in a 55 learns that lesson too. WIFR said the boy only had his license for two months, yet another coincidence between us. Consider this just a friendly reminder, we have all run late before. Even when you think you have everything planned, life happens. I can promise you, no one will ever be mad you're a few minutes late instead of in the hospital or worse. Slow it down and make smart decisions.

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