I love lists like "The Strangest Food From Every State" because it's given me an opportunity to see what the rest of the country thinks about the Land of Lincoln.

24/7 Tempo listed a "strange food" from every state in the country and as I scrolled trying to find Illinois' weird food choice, I was a little surprised.

Does Spaghetti Pizza actually count as a "strange food?" Personally, any kind of pizza, spaghetti or otherwise, never counts as strange, weird or different. It's all pizza and it's all beautiful.

Then it dawned me, there might be people who live in the US who have never had a slice of spaghetti pizza, and that's sad.

Spaghetti is good. Pizza is good. Are the two together double-good? A lot of people apparently think so. Angelo's Pizzeria, which has three locations west of Chicago, claims credit for the invention. Sausage and mozzarella are also involved.

It looks like 24/7 Tempo is giving a shout out to Angelo's, which has locations in Rock Falls, Sterling, and Dixon and by all accounts a wonderful pizza joint.

Personally, I believe another pizza place (also in Dixon) makes Spaghetti Pizza just a bit better, Al & Leda's.

Have you tried Spaghetti Pizza and have you tried it at Angelo's or Al & Leda's? Who makes it better? Is there another place (maybe in Rockford?) that does spaghetti pizza? Let us know!

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