The 31st Annual Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition was scheduled to begin at Sinnissippi Park this Wednesday, January 18, but has been postponed due to record high temperatures expected later this week. 

Rockford Park District employees have been hard at work making 27 blocks of snow to place all over Sinnissippi Park for snow sculpting competitors to use, so lack of snow is not the problem, it's the rapid rate of melting that is the cause for concern. Organizers are hoping for colder weather next week, and have rescheduled the event for January 25-28, 2017.

In a statement released by the Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition, John Beck, Events & Recreation Projects Manager, said;

We made the decision to postpone the competition hoping for colder temperatures the following week to provide competitors with more favorable conditions to work on their snow masterpieces, and that guests will have a better chance of enjoying the snow sculptures longer.


Tarps will be placed over the existing blocks of snow in Sinnissippi Park this week with the  hope to slow down the melting process, but I'm thinking we'll be seeing more of this awesome snow pack making next week. Let's hope Mother Nature decides to cooperate next week, so this year's event isn't cancelled!




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