Well this is definitely different. According to FOXNEWS.com, some say that Chicago casts a rather big shadow over the rest of our state. Making smaller towns and rural areas less important. Illinois Republicans are pushing a bill to actually separate Chicago from the rest of the state. They say they want rural areas in Illinois to be equally represented.

State Representative Brad Halbrook, was on Fox and Friends Monday explaining that in many states, large population centers dominate state politics. He said all the regulations imposed are piling on tons of debt thanks to Chicago. He went on to say that the system designed by the U.S. Constitution is "Simply not working". The ultimate goal is to form a "new Illinois". Honestly, this bill probably has no chance to pass but there are now a total of 8 Republican co-sponsors and has support from some conservative activists.

I really don't ever see Chicago becoming it's very own state but in this crazy political climate who really knows. I mean really, could they actually even do this

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