When it comes to rankings, the state of Illinois itself never really lands anywhere surprising.

I mean, sure the city of Chicago makes it in the top 10 for pretty much everything from dining and drinks to pizza and travel destinations, but when it comes to the entire lovely Land of Lincoln, we're pretty much meh.

Thrillist's "Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 States" pretty much confirms it.  When you take all of Illinois' contributions, including inventions, food, drinks, landscape and famous people, into consideration, Illinois comes in at number 27.

Thrillist says,

"Chicago’s a fine city that vacillates between having WAY too high an opinion of itself and desperately needing outside approval. That said, without it, Illinois would really be scraping bottom. Have you ever been to Rockford? That city enjoys bowling to a degree that makes everybody else uncomfortable. Also, since 1961 Illinois has sent an impressive four governors to prison, so watch yourself Bruce Rauner!"

Hey, way to go Rockford; we got a nice little mention about our love for bowling? I suppose it's better than mentioning how dangerous the city is.

Our neighbors to the north, Wisconsin, fared much better; they came in at number 4.

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