For your chance of seeing a ghost, the state of Illinois is ranked number one.

I was never a real believer in ghosts. I had a couple of strange things happen through the years but nothing that gave me solid proof. I lived in a house at college that was supposedly haunted but besides some weird coincidences, I didn't witness anything to change my mind.

In the past couple of years, I've become friends with Dan, Larry, and the crew from The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project. I went on a couple of adventures with them at Veterans Memorial Hall and Tinker Swiss Cottage. I didn't see a ghost but I did hear some things that moved the needle for me. I'm not all in but I'm not a total non-believer either.

Here's a video of my visit to the Tinker Swiss Cottage that helped change my mind. Check it out for yourself.

Video: Double T Communicates With Ghosts At Tinker Swiss Cottage

I suggest going on a ghost tour at least once in your life. I really enjoyed myself.

If you do it in Illinois, there's a good chance you'll see a ghost.

According to,

"Folks in Illinois, beware: you are the most likely state to see a ghost—at least according to this new interactive map by The site collected data on every ghost sighting that has been recorded in the United States from 1972 through 2020 and then organized the numbers to match up with the state that they were recorded in. To figure out the odds of seeing a ghost in each state, the creators parsed through the number of ghost sightings and current state populations."

Illinois is a struggling place and usually ranked low for most things so it's good to see us at the top for something besides citizens leaving the state.

They have been collecting data for years, so we can't blame it on the legal weed.

Video: Meeting The Ghosts At Tinker Swiss Cottage

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