Ah, Illinois summers. When the heat and humidity really start to set in, having a pool in your backyard can be a lifesaver, but constantly battling cloudy or green pool water definitely is not.  Luckily, I just found the secret to maintaining crystal-clear water that will cost you less than $50...for the entire summer!


Tips for Maintaining Crystal-Clear Pool Water

This summer marks the third season that my family has owned a pool, and we've learned a lot about pool maintenance in the last two years.  First and foremost, the ultimate goal is to achieve consistent crystal-clear pool water without putting in a lot of work or spending a lot of money. We've been able to do this the last two years thanks to three important things:

  1. A robotic pool vacuum. Sure they cost more than a pool vacuum that uses a hose, but being able to just turn the vacuum on and set in the water without having to mess with hooking a hose up to the filter is worth every penny.
  2. Sticking to a set chemical schedule. Every Friday we put in more chlorine and shock the pool if needed.
  3. Running the filter 24/7 - The only time we turn off the pool filter is when we will be gone for a few days. Yes, many people may see this as wasting power, but it doesn't raise our electricity bill terribly and it keeps our water beautiful, so to us, its completely worth it. (FYI, pool experts recommend running your pool filter for at least 8 hours a day to maintain crystal-clear water).

Best Hack for a Crystal-Clear Pool


During the last two years of maintaining a rigid pool maintenance schedule we have also learned that algae will always find a way to ruin a perfect pool day, Thankfully there's a simple and inexpensive hack for that...

Have you tried this copper pipe hack before? Does it actually work? Please send an app message and let me know!

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