Marijuana will be legal in Illinois in just a few weeks, but the Illinois State Police wanted to remind us of a few things.

Good thing too. I had some questions about where the legal and illegal line was drawn and thanks to the Illinois State Police Facebook, now I know.

A person may attempt any task under the influence of cannabis that would constitute malpractice negligence or professional misconduct.

A person may not use in any public place any place where a person could reasonably be expected to be seen by others.
A person may not use or possess on a school bus, except in the case of an approved medical marijuana case.
A person may not use or possess in a correctional center, school, home daycare.
A person may not use of possessing in a vehicle unless it is secured in a sealed, odor-proof, children resistant container that I kept reasonable inaccessible to the driver.
A person may not use near anyone who is less than 21 years old.
A person may not use anywhere prohibited by Smoke-Free Illinois.

Illinois State Police Facebook
Illinois State Police Facebook

There's a lot to consider when marijuana becomes legal in 2020, it's best to be ready.

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