The person handling Rockford, Illinois Police Department's social media channels is doing a fabulous job.

Bethany Clarke, Getty Images
Bethany Clarke, Getty Images

On Twitter, Rockford Police Department shares brief notes about traffic accidents,

active police investigations,

or tweets asking for tips from the community, and more.

On Rockford Police Department's Facebook account, you'll find some of the same with added content like photos and videos.

The department's active involvement in the community is evident when you click through their photos.

You'll also find interactive graphics like that,

Rockford Illinois Police Department via Facebook
Rockford Illinois Police Department via Facebook

This one about the Citizens Police Academy was eyecatching.

Or this one reminding future heroes to turn in their applications to join the force.


Let's be very serious, if someone has lived in the Northern Illinois area for a number of years they have likely driven through their share of snow and wintery conditions, right?


Truth be told, many drivers forget how to drive when but it's more often than just when seasons change, some even forget the rules of the road and how to navigate every time it rains.

During the first snowfall of December, just a few days ago, there were many many many minor accidents and vehicles in ditches. Was it because they were driving too fast? Maybe in their phones?

Whatever the cause, Rockford Police shared a graphic with tips for traveling during winter weather. The best part? They used Baby Yoda (a.k.a. "the child").

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