Illinois, often known for its iconic skyline, diverse cities, and cultural attractions, has recently received a pretty terrible title; the most hated state in America.

Bummer News for Illinois

As a 44-year resident of Illinois, I don't take smack talk about this state very well, BUT I do understand it has its fair share of issues.

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Yes, taxes are high in Illinois.

Yes, politics and politicians can be super shady in Illinois.

Yes, people are moving out of Illinois at an alarming rate these days.

In fact, drastic population loss is the number one reason Illinois was just named the 'Most Hated State in America' for 2024 by World Population Review.


Why Is Illinois the Most Hated State in America?

In order to crown Illinois as the "most hated state in America" for 2024, World Population Review used some previous research by the career website Zippia that based its finding on 3 factors:

  1. The percent of residents who say their state is the worst.
  2. States with the biggest population decreases.
  3. The number of other states who say they hate a state the most.

According to World Population Review;

Illinois is one of the fastest shrinking states in the US, and has experienced a 0.54% (more than half a percent) decrease in population in recent years. 25% of Illinoisans say their state is the worst in the nation, though only one other state hates it the most.

(The study does not say which state hates Illinois the most, but we're totally looking at you, Wisconsin!)

Basically, this entire study was based on how people feel about Illinois, both within the state and nationwide, and it's not good.

Will Illinois ever be able to up its reputation? As a lifelong resident, I sure hope so. Being "hated" hurts my heart.

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