If you fill up in Illinois, get ready for sticker shock at the pump, if lawmakers in Springfield get their way.

Last month, I reported on the possibility that Illinois lawmakers were looking to raise the tax on gasoline by as much as 14 cents a gallon, now, there is word that the increase could be more than double of that. Lawmakers are considering an increase from .05 to .30 a gallon.

This year alone, our lawmakers already increased the Illinois income tax by 32% and now they plan on going after Illinois motorists in a big way.

If lawmakers opt for the high end the average motorist in Illinois who fills up a 25 gallon gas tank would pay an additional $7.50 for every fill up. It would cost the average family who owns two cars over $780.00 a year in new taxes. Truck drivers who fill up a 100 gallon tank would pay an additional $30 to fill up. Annually, this would cost truck drivers between $1560 - $7500 a year depending on how many times they fill up in Illinois.

The new permanent gas tax would be earmarked for fix Illinois roads, however, there is no guarantee the money would permanently go toward that cause. Money generated from the Illinois lottery, when it was created, was supposed to go to education, but the money was siphoned off for other uses.

In a report published on Tuesday, Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman sent out an e-mail that warned:

The Illinois General Assembly will be back in session next week. And guess what? They’re already talking about raising your taxes again. This time, they’re discussing increasing gas taxes. Lawmakers haven’t released specific numbers yet, but talks have ranged anywhere from an additional $0.05 to $0.30 a gallon.

Sen Dave Syverson (R) Rockford has indicated his support for a gas tax increase in the past, but has not indicated how much of an increase he supports this go around.

If you would like to express your opinion to your lawmaker on the gas tax increase, here are their names and links to contact them.

HOUSE MEMBERS (Note all are up for re-election in Spring of 2018)

  • John Cabello (R – Rockford)
  • Bob Pritchard (R – DeKalb and Boone Counties)
  • Joe Sosnowski (R – Rockford)
  • Tom Demmer (R – Dixon)
  • Brian Stewart (R – Freeport) (running for Il Senate)
  • Litesa Wallace (D – Rockford) (Running for Lt Governor)


This new gas tax comes on the heels of a new hidden gas tax that was passed as part of the Illinois budget over the summer.

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