The open road can be very dangerous for motorcyclists. Between distracted drivers, people not checking their mirrors or not using their turn signals, motorcyclist always have to pay close attention because lots of other drivers don't. Yesterday came a sad story out of Bureau County according to Another motorcyclist lost their life but not because of a distracted driver.

Grass clippings on the road were to blame this time. Cheryl Zeglen of Canton, was riding with a group of friends. Her husband who was in front of her, came across  a good bit of fresh grass clippings right on the road. Cheryl's husband lost control due to it. When he tried to slow down Cheryl crashed into him and was ejected. She passed away 2 days later. This is not the first time this has happened.

In April, Eric Beach of Franklin Ohio wrote a post on Facebook about a son of his friend who lost his life due to the same exact situation according to It is against the law to dump grass clippings on Illinois roadways. If someone wouldn't have broken the law in the first place these people would still be alive today.

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