Sandwich, Illinois made the news for something other The Sandwich Fair but it's for an embarrassing reason. Their mayor was busted in soliciting a prostitute.

Unlike a lot of politicians, Mayor Rick Olson immediately resigned from his position. He also issued a letter of apologies to those within his department, residents, and his family. His note, shared by Chicago Tribune, revealed his shame and remorse.

I sincerely apologize for the shame I have brought and I pray that the city will continue to prosper... My goal now is to seek the forgiveness of my family and move forward to reinstill the trust that I alone have broken.

Truth be told, Olson didn't have to resign from his position as mayor. In LaSalle County soliciting a prostitute isn't a felony. But, one alderman (Third Ward Alderman Shane Surratt) told The Trib the mayor stepped down in the best interest of his family and the city.

He said that he was part of an investigation into a sting for solicitation of prostitution.... He explained to me Friday that he was going to resign. He felt that it was his duty to accept responsibility and step down.

One of the eye-opening quotes from Alderman Surratt is about the kind of person Olson is.

I have known the guy to be a great person. Unfortunately, he had a mishap that he shouldn't have had. It's the nicest way to put it.

The Alderman's comments and the reaction of government officials in Sandwich see this as a totally shocking event. While certainly not condoning to this crime or any crime, but hopefully, forgiveness and a lesson can come from this.

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