This Chicago Illinois man may look odd and no he didn't lose a bet. He pledge to wear this half beard until the Cubs win the World Series.

Don Miller, told DNA Info, that his "half-beard is proof that he's all in that the Cubs will win the World Series this year."

He decided to shave half his beard before the Cubs season began. he says that he did it on an "impulse, but maybe I can help get rid of the curse,....They've tried goats and everything else, but I believe this is going to work. ... Maybe I look weird, but it's OK."

He also says that if the Cubs don't win the series  he's not going to shave the other half off. his face. He's going to wait until they do.

So what do you think his wife of 55 years, Anne, has to say about Don's half shaved face? "It's fine with me." OK then.

Wow! Now that's true dedication to his team and his wife is completely behind him.

I've heard of some crazy things Cubs fans will or have done for the team, but never wearing a half beard until now.I guess we can add it to the list of how much faith we have in this team.

Go Cubs Go! Please win! Don't leave Don forever wearing a half beard.