You know it's been a crazy night when the police find you naked the next day and you have no idea what happened.

Back in college, I remember waking up after a wild night of partying, wondering, "what happened?" and "where am I?" It's not a good feeling.

Luckily, it never led to any serious trouble.

Well, a man in central Illinois had a night he can't remember followed by a morning he'll never forget.

According to,

"A man found naked in a field did not know what happened to his clothes, police said."

An officer spotted someone sleeping in a field. When he got closer, he realized the man was naked.

He was able to wake the nude gentleman.

Upon questioning, the guy said he had been out on a boat with friends drinking alcohol. At one point, he jumped into the Illinois River and doesn't remember much after that.

He had no idea what happened to his clothes.

So, if you plan on going out on the Rock River to do some partying this summer, please be careful. We don't want to find you passed out naked in Davis Park.


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