As a young child my family experienced a close call with a tornado at our cabin in Wisconsin. I don't remember how old I was, but I do remember running to our neighbor's house to seek shelter in their basement. It was terrifying, traumatic, and the reason I still get uneasy during severe weather situations.

When I read about the hunters that got stuck in a duck blind during the tornadoes that ripped through Central Illinois on Saturday, the sick feeling in my stomach began. Then I saw the picture they captured DURING it, and I about lost my mind.

According to 25 News - WEEK in Peoria, IL, a group of men were out hunting on Saturday when a tornado touched down across the water from their duck blind. The group quickly realized that staying put, and not running for their vehicles, was their best chance for survival. One of the hunters named Levi Sarff told WEEK;

We were in a steal pit, inside the ground, we would have had to walk through water to the four wheeler to get back to the trucks, and our trucks were actually in the path of where the tornado was going.

That’s when I told Jace to hold up the ducks and tried to snap a few pictures and never in a million years that we were gunna get the picture that we did.


This is the picture, and although amazing, it totally give me the willies.



Thankfully the tornado steered away from the hunters, but the entire group was amazed by the destruction they witnessed first hand.

You can watch more about this story here.

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