Dog lovers everywhere are in an uproar about the video TMZ posted yesterday of a terrified German Shepherd being forced into churning water while filming a scene for the upcoming "A Dog's Purpose" movie. PETA is asking people to boycot the film altogether, and now an Illinois animal shelter has cancelled their private, early screening event of the movie in wake of the backlash. 

The movie adaptation of the beloved book, "A Dog's Purpose" is set to be released on January 27, 2017, but after TMZ released this bombshell video on Wednesday, it's success at the box office is looking pretty grim.


As a dog lover, I knew this movie would be a must-view-in-private film for me, and humane societies and animal shelters all across the nation have been using it as a way to promote dog promotions as well. In fact, the Naperville Area Humane Society has been selling tickets for a private, advanced showing of the film on January 25, 2017 to raise money for their shelter and the Illinois Law Enforcement Canine Association. Today, they issued this statement on their Facebook page:

After reviewing the video and recent allegations, we have decided to cancel our private screening of A Dog's Purpose. While we are curious what American Humane's investigation will reveal, we cannot in good faith support a movie that condones the acts shown in the video from TMZ. With the support of our community, the Naperville Area Humane Society strives to eliminate animal abuse and neglect and strengthen the human animal bond. Anyone who has registered for the event will be refunded their money. Thank you for your concerns and your support.


I would like to think the TMZ video is being blown out of proportion, but I commend the Naperville Area Humane Society for making the decision to pull the fundraiser. No one should condone the mistreatment of any animal, even if the circumstances could be blown out of proportion.


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