How on earth can this be Illinois favorite Valentine's candy. In a world filled with the most unbelievable candy varieties, Illinois loves this lame candy.

What's your favorite Valentine's Day candy?


When I saw the results of this study on every state's favorite candy, I immediately asked everyone around the radio station about their favorite Valentine's candy and NOT ONE PERSON mentioned this bland, chalky nonsense.

Illinois of gets a bad rap for many things, more than once I've tried to battle back the haters, but on this subject, I've become what I most loathe... a hater.

How Covid Killed Valentine's Day

After a big dip in Valentine's candy buying due to covid, the expectation is that candy buying will be 'off the charts' in 2022.

The number crunchers looked at 14 years of candy-buying data to come with the top Valentine's candy in every state.

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Illinois' favorite Valentine's Day candy is NOT chocolate

What's even more disturbing about our state's favorite candy is that it is really cheap, so to be tops in the state, people really bought a lot of this candy.

Look at how happy this woman is with that piece of chocolate she's about to devour. She will not be that happy if you had bought her Illinois' favorite Valentine's candy.

Sensual chocolate fun.

The Top Valentine's Candy in Illinois is Conversation Hearts

These little chalky hearts are the absolute worst. This is what we spend all our candy money on?

Come on Illinois! Be better. Do better. Buy more chocolate.

Ask anyone what candy they'd like to receive as a gift this Valentine's Day and I'll bet nobody says,

"Ooooh please buy me some Tums shaped like hearts."

Look at this candy map. Look at how many states spend too much money on awful candy!

Chocolate roses and M & M's did come in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

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