When it comes to pizza, ordering a slice or a whole pie without any toppings is against my pizza eating religion.

Personally, I'll roll with sausage, pepperoni, or maybe both when ordering pizza. I'll even go with a Hawaiian or some form of all veggie but never will I go with just cheese.

First, "just cheese?" You should never eat or order something using the words "just cheese." It's food, and when it comes to it, I believe meals need something more than just the mundane, and "just cheese" is an ingredient I consider the most boring of all.

That's why the stunning revelation that not only Illinois but 28 other states like "just cheese" on their pizza according to Zippia. Yikes!

The Land of Lincoln, home to Chicago deep dish, and some pretty darn good pizza in Rockford and plenty of other cities, is a state where its residents prefer "just cheese."

Pretty much the entirety of the Midwest is a fan of "just cheese" pizza too, "topping" the list in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri.

The real question Zippia fails to explore is cheese considered a topping or is it part of the pizza by default?

What about you? What's your favorite pizza topping? Tell us!

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