As a born and raised Illinois resident, I thought speed traps in our state were just as prevalent here as they were in elsewhere. Turns out, I was wrong.

I mean, drive any distance on a highway, you know you're bound to see a police officer sitting in the median with a radar gun checking speeds of every car passing by.

According to Cheap Car Insurance, that happens more in Illinois than 41 other states in the country.

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Illinois comes in at #8 on the list of states with the most speed traps in the country.

Per 100K residents, there are nearly 28 speed traps which seems like a bunch until you compare them with Vermont.

Check out the Top 10 States for Speed Traps according to Cheap Car Insurance:

  1. Vermont - 52.07
  2. New Hampshire - 37.58
  3. Michigan - 36.04
  4. Delaware - 32.35
  5. Oklahoma - 30.65
  6. Rhode Island - 28.69
  7. Louisiana - 28.54
  8. Illinois - 27.88
  9. West Virginia - 27.82
  10. Colorado - 27.58

The number after each state is the number of speed traps per 100K residents.

Do you see speed traps in Rockford and the surround areas often? Do you believe the numbers? Do you think we have too many speed traps in Illinois?