A Galesburg, Illinois couple doing some home renovations found a box full of what appears to be human bones. OurQuadCities

“We are sending the bones out to be tested to determine what they are, how old they are, and then we will be investigating further once we have that additional information.” - Daniel Hostens, Deputy Chief of Police for the Galesburg Police Department


The couple renovating the home found a box near the chimney. This cardboard box was in bad shape and appeared like it had been there for a while. There were also old newspapers scattered all around, including attached to some bones!?!? There were pieces of this old newspaper attached to the "hip" bones...what in the world? "The knee bone's connected to the, hip bone...the hip bone's connected to the, newspaper..."


So here is a theory about a box of human bones. What is this house that is being renovated, was once owned by a doctor? What if this house with the box of bones belonged to a science teacher? What if there was a psycho killer in Galesburg, IL that only kept the hip bones as keepsakes and attached the newspapers with the same date on it that the murder happened? I think I've watched too many murder docs on Netflix.

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