Credit where credit is due, the fact that this Illinois Police Department put this video together, is so awesome.

Autographed Cheech & Chong Lunchbox
Autographed Cheech & Chong Lunchbox

Officers with the Park Forest Police Department, were "hotboxing" while chomping down on Doritos.

Cheech And Chong
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

The concept of this Cheech and Chong parody video was to teach the "dos and don'ts" of weed since it's legal in Illinois. So why not add a little humor to the situation and have some fun?

'What highway are we on?'

 'I don't know. I just see a bunch of bricks and walls. Maybe we're next to a castle or something, man.'

'You’re actually parked in the parking lot of the police department.' 

This is really well done and there's no doubt that the officer's has a blast doing this! DailyMail

Getty Images
Getty Images

What's legal in Illinois? How much can you have on you? What can you do and not do while under the influence or marijuana? That and so much more is addressed in this hilarious video, I think...


Again, well done fellas. There is those that "won't find this funny" and think that being straight laced and not showing a "funny" side is important for officers...those people hate their lives.

The overall message of the video:

If you drive high, you’ll get a DUI

It's still a learning curve for all involved, when it comes to legal weed in Illinois for cops and the rest of us.

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