A couple of months ago we told you about the huge buck that was that was snagged by Illinois hunter and we were all awaiting the final results. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, it looks like Luke's buck is now officially a U.S. record. With a final score of 330 0/8 inches. Not only that but it that score also positions the buck to be an all-time world record as both the top non-typical bow kill and the top hunter-harvested whitetail of all time.




In reality, there have been two other bucks that were just a little bit bigger but they were not hunted. They were found dead already. The judges have called Keith's buck the most impressive whitetail of them all, and they have called it the all-timer as well. Beside the rack, they said that it was huge and very unique. Most hunters had even written off Illinois as having a potential world record producer due to overhunting. The buck was snagged in Edgar County. Full details of this massive buck will be released in the Spring edition of North American Whitetail. It looks like this deer is about to ascend to be the world record holder.

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