The first few times I ever got on an airplane and flew across the country, having a window seat was my preferred location to sit.

After realizing the hassle of scooting past 2 people if I wanted to get up to use the bathroom or grab something from the overhead bin, sitting in the aisle seat eventually became my first choice when flying.

Does anyone actually pick the middle seat on a flight?

There's no reason that I can think of to select a seat between two other humans where you don't get to look out the window, and you can't get up when you want.

Beginning October 26, there will be at least one perk to sit in the least desirable spot on a plane.

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United Airlines announced in an internal memo that it will begin to board passengers in a slightly different order that will allow "middle seat passengers to board before aisle seaters," according to a story from FOX 32.

The New United Airlines Boarding Policy is Called WILMA

Referring to Window, Middle, and Aisle, the new boarding policy will be called WILMA. Pre-boarding and boarding of Groups 1, 2, and 3 will not change on United Airlines.

Group 4 is currently reserved for middle and aisle-seat travelers, but when the new policy takes effect will only be for those with tickets in the middle seat. Group 5 boarding will be for aisle seats only beginning October 26.

The newly created Group 6 will consist of "travelers flying with a restricted basic economy fair without a carry-on option or those who do not have a boarding group number," according to Fox 32.

In the memo, United Airlines said the new policy will save up to 2 minutes of boarding time.

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