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It's a risky move when you ask an open-ended question on Facebook, which is what Illinois State Police did very early Tuesday morning.

If there is one thing I've learned after writing hundreds of articles to be shared on Facebooks it's "be careful what you ask for." Sometimes an article being shared might have a question for the status, this can either bring great responses or the complete opposite. The Illinois State Police proved their bravery once again by suggesting their fans fill in a blank.

If I were a Trooper for a day, I'd write more tickets for______________.

There were hundreds of responses and counting last checked, but I plucked eight of which are worth mentioning specifically. Granted, there were many (and I mean many) comments about speeding, failing to use turn signals, Scott's Law violators, talking/texting on the phone, etc. There were also comments about pulling over vehicles when they're not breaking a law and giving the driver a gift card as a reward. I get that but we're humans, not dogs. Despite beliefs, we are born with the "do the right thing" gene inside all of us.

Here were my eight favorite responses:

How about warnings? True there are some jerks who need tickets but people going to and from work might need a little break. Now... the ones driving miles under the speed limit in the passing lane... that’s a game changer lol - Cory Stu

Sometimes we may be running behind (blame it on a Rockford traffic light) and speeding just a little. I would guess we're not going to get busted if it's one or two miles over but if you are pulled over it's probably deserved.

Failure to signal lane change. My ultimate pet peeve behind the wheel. - Fernando Flores Jr.

Yes, I'd agree with you, Fernando. I'm usually attentive to other blinkers when I need to change lanes and it infuriating when someone cuts over at the same time with no blinker.

The people who use the left lane as a nice vacation spot. - Shawn Balint

Shawn wants to pull over the left lane lollygaggers. We all agree, Shawn.

A driver wearing a mask in the car, especially when he/she is alone. - Angela Marie

You have to guess this was coming. It is amusing to me but we don't know the story of the person driving, what they do for work or what occupation they may have. There could be a solid reason behind the mask.

My husband would say for “parking in the fire lanes at Walmart. - Allisa List

Allisa, you're husband is spot on. I'd like to have a drink with him.

Going the speed limit in the passing lane! I kid, I kid...but if they dont move over after a mile its on! Lol - Daiven Emling
Daiven, your argument is completely valid. But, yes, if they don't move over it is game on.
Waving other cars through a four way stop when it is clearly the waver’s turn. - Devin Tourney
Devin, allow me to piggyback off of your idea and throw a ticket at the person who doesn't wait for his or her turn.
Those who drive in the left lane and NEVER get over. - Helen McConnell Shaffer

Helen, you're the big winner in my book. It's maddening, to say the least.

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