The Illinois Department of Transportation is taking their reminders about safe driving seriously. In fact, they are so serious about the message that they are providing physical proof of what can happen when you drive distracted at rest stops and welcome centers across the state.



In a press release Illinois Transportation Secretary Randy Blankenhorn said;

A fatal crash is much more than just a statistic. It means someone's child, brother or sister, mother or father, friend, neighbor or co-worker won't be coming home.

Almost all of these crashes are avoidable. Seeing these destroyed vehicles at our rest areas makes a strong statement that each individual can make a difference.

If you're hitting the road sometime soon and see one of these displays, there is one more very important thing you should do, or maybe I should say shouldn't do; DON'T stop driving to gawk at it. That's another form of distracted driving and a fender-bender waiting to happen. Just sayin'...

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