This one of a kind attraction outside of Wrigley only lasts through January so plan your trip soon.

If there's one benefit to Wrigleyville being turned into Disneyland it's events like this.

Ten years ago there's no way you could squeeze something like this in the shadows of Wrigley Field but now there's ample room for a variety of activities.


Seriously, if you haven't been to Wrigleyville in the past 3 years, you might not recognize it.

It's no longer the frat party on steroids. Now it's more like a drinking Disneyland. Everything is bigger, brighter, and last time I checked, considerably more expensive. I'm glad I got all my Wrigleyville-ing out of my system 15 years ago.

But the transformation does have its perks, and Gallagher Way is one of them. This expansive park with a lot of green space is a welcome oasis in the tightly packed 3 block radius around the home of the Chicago Cubs. During the summer there's yoga classes and other type events.

Now that it's winter, they've installed an ice rink with various activities during January and one of the coolest has to be these ice bumper cars.


The hours of operation for the ice bumper cars are:

  • Monday - Thursday 3-8P
  • Saturdays - 5-9P
  • Sundays 3-7P

Cost for the attraction is $15 for a 10-minute ride but you can receive $5 off if you also eat at Gallagher Way, I haven't been there myself but have heard they have good food.

Kids must be 7 or older and at least 42 inches tall to drive a car by themselves otherwise they can ride with an adult.

They don't take reservations. Bookings must be done on-site at The Rink.

For more information on the ice bumper cars and times for their curling lessons and open skates, check out their website. 

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