I love hugs! Everybody knows that I am a hugger. If you are my good friend or I have met you for the first time, I WILL hug you. It makes me feel good to hug! Even though some people (all my radio husbands: Jon, Dave and Ryan) act like they don't like my hugs (Luke Bryan does LOL), I now have science to back it up. :-)

According to higherperspectives.com, hugs are actually good for your health. They not only make you feel valued and important by the person hugging you, hugs can actually make you feel physically better.

  • helps your nervous system
  • refuses stress
  • boosts your mood
  • relaxes your bogy
  • helps slow your heart rate

Still leery of hugging? Watch this!

Ok, go give some hugs! (((((((((HUG))))))))

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