If you're planning a  Labor Day weekend road trip, here's a way to sleep in comfort while staying in your vehicle.

I'm a big fan of a good old fashion road trip. Especially, if it's impromptu. Those are the best because you're never quite sure what will happen.

I remember my senior in college, a couple of friends and I decided last minute to head to the Grand Canyon for Spring Break. We didn't have any plans and not a lot of money. Off we went and made great memories. We had a tent and a couple of sleeping bags.

We camped out most of the time. We did splurge one night and got a motel room. Trust me, it wasn't anything special. A couple of nights we ended up sleeping in the car. One night because we saw a pack of coyotes roaming around the campground. It was not comfortable. I needed a trip to the chiropractor afterward.

Back when I was a kid, sleeping in the backseat of a car was actually not bad. The seats were huge and you could spread out. Now, they are small or weirdly shaped with seat belts and armrests that get in the way.

Many people are getting stir crazy and ready to hit the road. They might not feel safe in a hotel or staying with a friend. Also, if you don't have all the gear, roughing it is never a good idea.

Of course, someone has come up with a solution. According to thrillist.com,

"With a few modest upgrades to your road trip appurtenances, you'll be sleeping comfortably and safely inside the confines of your vehicle. Plus, you'll save a ton of money when you forgo lodging. Here's what you'll need to help get you started."

  • Inflatable Car Air Mattress - Yes, they actually make them to fit in your vehicle. Even for the backseat, With an SUV, you might be able to fit a normal one.
  • Bedding - You can go sleeping bag or blanket. Don't forget about a pillow.
  • Privacy - Another thing I didn't realize were available are car curtains. A cover for the automobile will also do the job.
  • Car Tent - Depending on the size and style of your vehicle, you can get one that hooks up to the back or on the roof of your ride.

For more ideas for a car road trip for Labor Day, HERE.

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